The Eternal Classic Perfume for Women

Fashion trends come and go even in the world of perfumes. However, there are some iconic fragrances that have become the classic in its pure form. Let’s talk about the top 5 classic perfumes.

The classic perfumes of the last century

Undoubtedly, the most well-known and simply iconic perfume is Chanel No.5. No wonder! It was created especially for Coco Chanel by Ernest Beaux and has a complex structure. Even now the scent is so popular that a bottle is sold every 30 seconds. Celine Dion, Victoria Beckham, and other sought-after celebrities use it.

Another classic perfume was released after World War II to celebrate the peace. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps is a beautiful bottle with doves that can still be bought in many online stores like

Jean Patou created Joy Perfume which is one of the best-sold perfumes in history. It appeared after the Wall Street crash and was more affordable than ones from couture. A rather pricey perfume with rich smell quickly turned into a classic.

The first fragrances launched by Christian Dior has become a classic one as well. Since the launch, it was changed multiple times but you can still buy it. Just mind that it should be called Miss Dior Classic or Miss Dior Original. The others are different and reflect the modern tastes.

The fifth classic perfume is sold by Guerlain, the company that makes fragrances for most top brands companies. Its Shalimar was introduced in 1925 and is still popular.

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