Best alternative dance albums of 2018

Best alternative dance albums of 2018

Looking for top-notch and quality dance music? In this article, you will find a list of the hottest dance albums, offered by both music veterans and new groups. Best options, according to the listener’s reviews and feedback.

Top rated alternative dance albums of 2018

Alternative dance music is currently on the wave of fame. There are plenty of pop groups in this music style, while there are still not many, who offer excellent music and good sound. You can easily find free songs download with a wide range of quality compositions, including the best ones for 2018.

  • Confidence Man, Confidence Music for Confident People. An excellent sense of humor with an amazing dance mixes will surely make your day.
  • Makeness, Loud Patters. Awesome hits and boosting club energy will be surely enjoyed by most dance music lovers. Intriguing noises and electronic rock are creating an outstanding sound.
  • Tune Yards, I can feel you creep into my private life. With their music, the crew corresponds to the darkest sides of human nature. “Heart Attack”, “Honesty” and “Private Life” are the most powerful composition from the group’s new album.
  • Brazilian Girls, Let’s Make Love. The crew comes up with a new album, which included a number of singles, such as “Pirates”, “Balla Balla”, “Looking for Love”, Wild Wild World” and “Let’s Make Love”. The music, offered by the band, is simply perfect, as in the previous albums.
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