4 Most common types of guitar amps

4 Most common types of guitar amps

Looking for a perfect amp for your guitar? There are plenty of different kinds of amps suitable for electric guitars. Find out the most popular kinds of amps to choose from and pick up the best option for your guitar.

4 Common kinds of guitar amps

The guitar amp is one of the most useful accessories for guitar playing. There are various kinds of different amps used for different purposes. In this article, we will take a look through the most common types of amps and their features.

Tube amps. This kind of amps is highly popular due to its fat and warm tone. Tube amps usually have a louder sound, but should be changed regularly since they have a low wear resistance.

Solid-state amps. Being one of the most reliable options, solid-state amps offer a clean and rich tone. Furthermore, they usually have the lowest prices.

Digital amps. Digital amps also called modeling amps, are often programmable. You can choose from different additional effects, such as chorus and delay. This kind of amps usually simulates a classical tube technology.

Hybrid amps. Hybrid amps might offer different options and features and usually represent the best qualities of other kinds of amps.

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