Top 3 Ideas to Create a Modern House Out of Your Old One – Cheap and Fast

Top 3 Ideas to Create a Modern House Out of Your Old One – Cheap and Fast

Do you want to make a renovation, but there’s no time for it? We’ll show you how to change the way your house looks without buying new furniture. If you don’t have inspiration for that – visit

If you’re tired of your house, there’s no need for moving to a new one or starting a huge renovation. Just pay attention to the details and follow the recommendations we’ve created for you to get a new house without spending much time and money.

What to do with the doors

A home renovation is all about unusual ideas. Take off the old coat of paint and start creating! Ask your friends to paint it, make an original ornament, and put up wallpaper. Don’t limit yourself.

Wallpaper: remove or not

There’s no need for getting rid of old wallpaper and buying them again. Look at them a little bit wider. You can paint them in a modern color, leave all the walls the same and paint only one of them, put some pictures and posters. Begin from one wall and step by step finding the ways of changing the other.

The old furniture – to the graveyard?

If your bed or table isn’t broken, don’t throw it away. There are so many things to do with furniture! Remove the old coat of paint and polish, put a new one. This changes the look so much. Also, you may remove the old handles and legs. The old wardrobe won’t look the same!

If you’re still hesitating about the style, furniture or other details – visit Interiorseye. It’s a website which collects photos of interiors like Pinterest or Instagram but allows buying all you see directly from the website. It’s like a free interior stylist.

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