Why do bloggers benefit from push notifications?

Why do bloggers benefit from push notifications?

Probably, it’s best to compare push notifications with e-mail newsletters. This is almost the same principle of communication. Users come to the site, you hook them on an e-mail newsletter, and make them your audience. The same applies to push notifications.

Benefits of using push notifications

Let’s see why it is beneficial to use push notifications.

#1 Conversion of site visitors to subscribers. If it is about a blog, then the blogger simply has to form his target audience. Push notifications are great for this. This will lead to loyal visitors and the growth of targeted traffic due to repeated visits to the site. By the way, this is why many blogs can maintain a high rate of returns.

#2 The ability to contact readers in real time. Agree that this is a great opportunity. You just need to write something to your subscribers, and it doesn’t have to be a link to a new article. You created a push message and your subscribers instantly received it in their browsers.

#3 Step-by-step construction of communication. The system does not work well everywhere when you just collected subscribers and then send messages to them with links to new articles. Sometimes it’s prudent to build a phased engagement, which may require giving users messages with links to some specific content.

How to use push notifications on WordPress

For WordPress, there are no problems in integrating the push ads service. The setup will take about 25–40 minutes. First, you need to install the plugin on the site, then register with the service, through which all this works. And then, just follow the plugin instructions in the WordPress admin area.

Set up push notifications for your site

Push notifications are a very effective technology to drive traffic to the site. And the faster you use it, the better for you.

What is good about this technology is that, unlike the same e-mail newsletter, push notification services have free rates, which often are quite enough at the first stage to feel the full power of this technology.

The advantages of push notification services include:

  • Wider settings of the notification template
  • Automatic configuration of the distribution from RSS
  • Plugins for common CMS (Joomla and WordPress)
  • A rich collection of controls available for use in messages (buttons, links, and widgets)
  • An impressive number of additional functions (geotargeting, testing, and others)
  • Works with various browsers
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