Immigration to Latvia: the list of benefits

Immigration to Latvia: the list of benefits

Is moving to Latvia worthy? Why does this country become a top popular destination for relocation in Europe? What are the main benefits of moving to Latvia? Find out the answers about the advantages of moving to Latvia here.

The benefits of moving to Latvia

Moving too Europe has plenty of advantages, especially when it comes to relocation to Latvia. The country is currently attracting thousands of immigrants, offering simplified visa application processes and a short list of requirements for relocation.

The main advantages of immigration to Latvia

  • Low cost of living. The average salary in Latvia is around 800 euros. Therefore, the costs for purchasing real estate, as well as starting a new business are lower than in the other European countries
  • No restrictions on the property investment. You can buy houses for you and your kids with no limitations for the maximum cost of purchase.
  • Good healthcare and education. Latvia can boast to have a couple of the most prestigious universities in Europe, while its healthcare system is modern and less pricey than in the USA.
  • Perfect business environment. Latvia is a country of new opportunities for both small and big companies.

There are different ways for relocation to the popular Baltic country, but one of the simplest options is applying for Latvia residency by investment. This way, the process of receiving your EU visa is usually smooth and simple.

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