Crypto mining with Mineralt – hot or not?

Crypto mining with Mineralt – hot or not?

Are you satisfied with money which your website or online game brings? If you can’t answer positively, here is an opinion to mine cryptocurrency with Mineralt.

What is it?

Mineralt is a website mining service created in 2017 and based on Java-script. It can be easily integrated to any platform from an online game to a browser extension. It hides from Adblock and anti-viruses but brings legit incomes.


The principal of working is clear: the more visitors you have and the more time they spend on the platform – the bigger incomes are. With Mineralt owners set the maximum CPU load and mine coins on the audience.

Which currency does it mine?

There’s a wide range of crypto: Sumokoin, Monero, Nicehash and Electroneum. A great detail is that the mentioned service chooses the most profitable coin due to the latest trends. But it’s not prohibited to earn a specific crypto you wish.

What about prices and payouts?

There are no additional fees, users give only 30% of their reward. Speaking about the payouts, the minimum payment is about $4 which can be paid to Paypal, Webmoney, crypto wallets (BTC, XMR, ETN) and other ways. The money is sent 4-5 days a week every 24 hours. To predict how much you’ll earn there’s a special calculator on the main page.

Of course, these are not all Mineralt’s features. Visit their website and find all answers to your questions in an “FAQ” section. Fortunately, it’s user-friendly and full.

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