Auto trading mode by Trodax

Auto trading mode by Trodax

Trodax, as a trading platform, which can sell your cryptocurrency using both the manual input you selected and the automatic one using a specific algorithm. You choose a currency pair and set the settings.

One of the trading modes you can choose is automatic. To start it, you need to select the ratio of profit and risk that suits you. To get started, turn on the API of the exchange. An algorithm is created that acts as follows: selecting a currency pair and the moment when trading began. It all happens by developing the strategy chosen by you. Choosing automatic mode, you save your time and agree to the fact that the bot will be engaged it instead of you. Most prefer this mode and follow the updates of the process of trading their cryptocurrency.

Manual trading mode

When you are in charge of the manual trading mode, then, unlike the automatic mode, you need to turn off the API from the exchange. After that, in the same settings, you choose the moment when your cryptocurrency should be sold to the market or, if desired, you can also trust the system with filters. This mode is more freedom of choice and is especially suitable for more experienced traders. To learn more, go to our official web page

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